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The straight arm pull of the vertical block is aimed at developing the broadest and large round muscles. In statics, she “pumps” the triceps too. But as the main movement is used for the back muscles. The exercise is used by both bodybuilders and representatives of other sports disciplines. In particular, it is common for strength training of swimmers.

Embossing technique

Initial position

  1. You need to attach a straight and wide handle to the vertical block;
  2. Stand directly at the simulator, stretch your arms straight up;
  3. Put your palms on the handle;
  4. Take the shoulders away from the ears, lower the shoulder blades, tighten the stomach;
  5. Take a step back and lean forward slightly.


  • Due to the tension of the muscles of the back and triceps, lower the handle to the hips;
  • Bring it back slowly and in a controlled manner;
  • Repeat the required number of times;
  • Returning the simulator to its original state, try to raise your shoulders sharply to your ears.


  • The back tilt is carried out by flexion in the hip joints. It does not grow as it sags forward;
  • Nor should you swing your arms like a pendulum;
  • The movement is performed exclusively in the shoulder joints, and not in the hip joints and not due to the work of the body.


  • Slight flexion in the elbow joints is allowed in order to soften the load on them, but flexion in the hand is not recommended, as this, on the contrary, can lead to injury to the palm;
  • You should not use a lot of weight, this exercise belongs to the category of “shaping”

Typical mistakes

  • Swinging the body forward and downward, due to which the amplitude can increase or even move at all;
  • Pelvic movements that increase the load on the back of the thigh and remove it from the back;
  • Excessive flexion of the elbows;
  • Not putting weight on your thighs

Inclusion in the training program


There is one problem with the many “variation” block rods. Not all of them help build muscle volume and mass. Many are completely useless in this regard and give nothing to those who seek to gain muscle mass and build a good shape. Rows with straight arms will help “shape” the silhouette and correct posture a little, but it is not intended for those who have problems with weight gain.

Everything is simple enough. This exercise includes the third to fourth in the program, where there is already any variation of the vertical row (pull-up, normal or with a weight, or a simple heavy vertical row), and the horizontal row – to the belt. The deadlift in the classics is a variant of the exercise for developing the back only because its implementation literally forces the lats to be included in static, and significant weight helps them decently load.

The deadlift on straight arms is not intended to correct the deadlift, and does not have any additional effect on it. For the most part, it shapes aesthetics. This exercise is also called a standing pullover, biomechanically it is identical to a regular pullover. You can add movement to your workout plan if you have posture problems.

The exercise is performed in 4-5 working sets with medium or light weight, and can be included in the plan as a final movement. It makes sense for most bodybuilders to do it on back and biceps day, but for those who have obvious postural problems due to improper bench press technique or shoulder injuries, it can be done on chest day.

What muscles work

In the exercise, the lats, large round ones like movers work, as well as the muscles of the shoulder and triceps in static position. Movement is not energy-intensive and does not require a lot of calories. It can be included in a weight loss workout plan only if the athlete has already completed the usual block deadlift or deadlift.

During operation, it is necessary to statically

The movement is not recommended for those who have problems with the control of the projectile, and a shoulder injury, possibly “shooting” the arms upward and re-injury.

Post Author: Inessa