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Lifting with a flip on a horizontal bar or full force exit is an exercise from gymnastics. It became popular with the advent of street workout on YouTube. Before that, it was a movement that schoolchildren do not like to do in physical education, and it was not very popular. No wonder – this is a complex, highly coordinated movement that requires developed grip strength and muscles

Execution technique

Initial position

  • It is necessary to find a horizontal bar of the optimal height – the athlete should not touch the ground with his feet during the exercise;
  • Hang is performed with a straight grip – the thumb grabs the bar from below;
  • The shoulder blades are neutral during the hang, that is, the back is reduced, and the shoulder blades are brought to the center of the body;
  • Closed grip, fingers grasp the horizontal bar;
  • The abs should be cut slightly so that the legs are raised about 20 degrees.


  • First, bend your arms at the elbow and shoulder joints, and pull yourself up to the very top, touch the horizontal bar with your chest;
  • Then, due to the swing of the legs, partially roll over on the horizontal bar and push up with the force of the triceps;
  • After that – look down, and bend your elbows, as soon as the chest touches the crossbar – dive down;
  • Perform a complete turnover, and take the starting position;
  • The exercise differs from the “sun”, which is the free rotation of the body on the horizontal bar by inertia


  • The legs should not be very bent at the knees, if this is done, the center of gravity will change greatly and it will turn out that it will not work to roll over;
  • The head should not be thrown back or laid on the chest, keep the spine neutral to avoid problems with the cervical spine;
  • The exercise is very difficult, it is worth studying when you already know how to pull up decently;
  • It is better not to use an open grip (monkey) in this movement.


  • When you push up from the horizontal bar at the top point and bring your legs up, do not tilt them back, so the angle will be optimal for performing the exercise;
  • You can use training straps if you are afraid that your toes will slip;
  • A good option for those with sweaty hands is climbing magnesium or liquid magnesium for training, which is used in gymnastics. It absorbs sweat and prevents it from falling off the horizontal bar;
  • Better to take advantage of insurance during this exercise. Let the more experienced athlete control the movement and prevent you from falling;
  • A gentle, controlled execution of the movement will help avoid problems with shock injuries;
  • It is best to avoid wobbling at the very beginning of learning this movement.

Execution options

  • ” Sunshine “. The exercise is completely performed not due to muscle strength, but due to the buildup. It resembles the kipping pull-ups often used in CrossFit. Inertia is given by the movement of the legs.

Parsing the exercise


What muscles work

The main muscles that work in the exercise:

  • The lats of the back – begin to move, the biceps of the arms, pull the body to the bar, triceps – force output, the abdominal press is responsible for bringing the legs to the bar;
  • Auxiliary – trapezius, large and small round, serrated muscles, deltoids, quadriceps as stabilizers.

Exercise preparationExercise requires not only developed strength, but also coordination. They start with the development of strength. If you have never been able to pull up, but dream of mastering this difficult element, it is advisable to start just with pull-ups. Work on general strength development – first strengthen the lats with block rows in machines, then add pull-ups to your workout plan.

Beginners study it with compensation for part of the body weight and as soon as they reach 15 pull-ups with a direct direct grip, they can begin to work in the lift with a flip. In addition to the classic pull-ups and pull-ups with different grips.

In order to effectively do the flip lift, you will also need a good stretch of the hamstrings. Therefore, beginner athletes should perform a hamstring stretch at the end of any back and back chain workout.

To strengthen the abdominal press, begin by performing a fold, that is, bringing the hips to the chest while sitting on the buttocks. Then, the socks are lifted to the crossbar and only after that – the corners, that is, static holding of the legs at the crossbar in the hanging.

The first attempts to complete the exercise should be accompanied by the supervision of a coach or athlete who already knows how to do flip lifts and can not only insure you, but also point out technical errors.

For those who want to master the exercise on their own and without insurance, there are simple safety rules. Do not do the upside-down lift until you have learned to fully control the body on the horizontal bar, avoid sudden jerking movements, kipping at the very beginning. If you do not know how to pull up with kipping, it is better to do without inertial movements.

It is ideal to train the exercise in special workout centers, where there are mats, rubber covering the floor and non-slippery horizontal bars. The probability of a projectile falling off cannot be ruled out.

What to do if in one workout you need to practice lifting with a coup, do pull-ups and perform, for example, exercises for biceps? Start with all the repetitions of the lift, then the back, and then the biceps. Push-ups on the uneven bars can also be included in the workouts of this exercise as a good exercise for triceps.

BenefitsImproves basic training, develops coordination, balance, control skills;

  • Corrects posture;
  • Strengthens the grip, promotes abdominal training;
  • Helps to improve results in outputs by force on rings, horizontal bar;
  • Allows you to form the skill of working on the horizontal bar, gives an understanding of body balance, serves as a start for mastering more complex and coordination exercises;
  • Helps strengthen forearms and grip


A complex movement, requires a good form, moreover, a specific plan. Not every visitor to the gym can simply hang in the amount necessary for this exercise.

Correct executiLegs should be straight and perpendicular to the ground, their deviation along the trajectory is not allowed;

  • The coup is done if the legs have already gone beyond the level of the crossbar;
  • Upward movement occurs due to the lats and abdominal muscles;
  • The exercise is performed with a direct grip, it is better to start by performing a movement with hands shoulder-width apart;
  • Sometimes it is recommended to first work out the pull-up, then the rise over the crossbar, the extension of the legs, the coup;
  • The movement can be divided into phases, especially if a separate element does not work. In particular, some begin with a flip from the top of the exercise on a low bar;
  • The exercise can be performed on a low horizontal bar, partially passing the amplitude due to the legs, but in this case the technique may deteriorate, since when lowering from the top point, you will still have to bend your legs at the knees;
  • When the technique is mastered, the horizontal bar should be chosen 20-30 cm higher than the athlete’s head, so you can observe all the technical subtlErrors
  • Too wide or narrow grip;
  • Not turning on the press;
  • Flexion of the legs at the knee joints;

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