There are many L-carnitine supplements available. Each manufacturer uses a different formula. Various impurities are added to the composition. This explains why the instructions for use differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The daily dose of a drug produced under different brands can range from one to three grams of the substance.

L-carnitine is used for the purpose of burning fat, so the percentage of the substance plays a decisive role. For the additive to bring the desired effect, you must carefully study the composition. The optimal amount of pure compound should not exceed 2000 mg or 2 g.

L-carnitine is available in a variety of forms. Supplements are sold in powder and liquid form, as well as tablets and capsules. It is recommended to pre-dilute liquid and powdered carnitine with water, making a kind of cocktail. The drink should be prepared just before drinking. This is because the solution can only be stored for two hours.

Principle of operation


L-carnitine is a natural substance similar to B vitamins. It is synthesized in the human body, is present in the liver and muscle fibers, transports fatty acids to the mitochondria and allows the production of ATP (energy). An additional intake in the form of a supplement helps to get rid of fat deposits that begin to be burned during exercise.

Indications and contraindications

Athletes (professionals and amateurs) take levocarnitine to fight off extra pounds and get an additional source of energy during training. It is given to adults and children with a deficiency of a substance, diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with digestion (gastritis, etc.).

The substance is produced by the human body, but in case of an overdose, when taken in the form of supplements, as well as with a long course, kidney function may be impaired, which is felt when this area is inflamed. In some people, L-carnitine, obtained from sports nutrition, causes an individual intolerance, expressed by nausea, vomiting, seizures, high blood pressure and a pungent urine odor.


When and How to Take L-Carnitine?

The optimal time of intake and the amount of the substance depends entirely on when exactly the supplement is used.

Training days

On the days of the week when you are engaged in active physical activity, the following recommendations must be observed:

  1. The best time to take L-carnitine is 30-40 minutes before your cardio or strength training session  . The recommended dosage is 2 grams. During physical exertion, a person needs a large concentration of this substance in the body. Taking the supplement will not work if taken during or after exercise.
    L-carnitine is effective within 40 minutes after ingestion, so it should be drunk before starting a workout. The burning of subcutaneous fat is accompanied by the release of energy that is not needed after exercise. The effect of the substance is especially well manifested when doing aerobics. This type of training is accompanied by a maximum intake of fatty acids, which means that much more fat is burned.Before aerobic training, you should also take 2 grams of the drug. This is enough for the production of ATP, which maintains the necessary energy during exercise.
    The greatest result for any type of training is given by taking the drug immediately before the start of training (30-40 minutes). The substance continues to act even after the end of the load for 2-3 hours, it is completely excreted from the body only after an hour.
  2. When you exercise twice a day, the daily intake of the substance is divided into two servings, that is, 1 gram each. The recommended time is also 30-40 minutes before loading.

Rest days


burning sensation on rest days, L-carnitine is also taken during free time from physical activity. This prevents the absorption of dietary fats. The substance must be taken twice a day. The first time the supplement is best consumed in the morning after breakfast. If it is acetate, on the contrary, before meals. The second meal should be at lunchtime or before bed.

At night, the drug continues to act on fatty acids. The body in a dream does not consume glycogen or muscle protein, but only breaks down subcutaneous fat. Likewise, L-Carnitine not only helps to reduce body weight, but also prevents muscle breakdown (catabolism).

Duration of the course

L-carnitine should not be taken all the time. The total duration of the course cannot exceed two months. The optimal course varies from 1 to 1.5 months. Next, take a break for two to four weeks. When the result does not satisfy your wishes, a short pause is made after the course, that is, 14 days, and then the course is repeated, but with the addition of a fat burner.

This does not in any way negate the fact that the substance is working. It’s just that each person’s body is unique and has its own characteristics. Some have a lot more body fat, while others have less. Much also depends on how strong and regular the person is. Cyclicity is necessary due to the fact that the human body gets used to the substance. If you drink the drug constantly, it stops giving results.

Combination with other drugs

The fat burning supplement can be taken with other safe sports products. These are amino acid complexes of BCAA, protein, Omega-3. These supplements not only work well with L-Carnitine, but they also enhance the fat burning effect of L-Carnitine, helping you lose weight.

Omega-3 is a fatty acid with a unique molecular chain. It binds free fatty acids, so it helps to better remove fat from the body. Protein and essential amino acids (BCAAs) improve muscle nutrition during exercise, enrich the diet, and prevent muscle protein breakdown.

On the course of taking L-carnitine, it is allowed and even recommended to additionally take other fat burners. Experts advise not only thermogenics, but also lipotropes. This contributes to a more accelerated process of losing weight. The main thing is to take into account what side effects this or that fat burner can cause, the individual components that make up the supplement.

The above drugs can be taken together in the morning and throughout the day. The recommendations described above should be taken into account. The first portion of the fat burner is drunk with 1 g of L-carnitine after breakfast, and the second dose during lunch or just before training. It is not recommended to combine supplements in the evening. This applies even to those who train not during the day, but closer to the night. Why? The reason is that the substance can cause insomnia, irritability, and arrhythmias. In addition, the daily dosage of the fat burner should not be exceeded.

L-carnitine can be combined with other substances synthesized in the body. Creatine is a great example, but there is one important caveat here. It is used for mass gain because it retains fluid in muscle fibers and allows you to gain strength for lifting large weights. If this is not the goal of training, then it is better to refuse creatine. It is advisable to take only during the period of weight gain. The combination of creatine, gainer, L-carnitine can significantly increase body weight, get the necessary increase in energy for training and prevent the consequences of catabolic processes.

How to take different forms of L-carnitine


L-carnitine, as previously mentioned, comes in many different forms. Each has its own characteristics of reception:

Pure 100% L-Carnitine

100% L-Carnitine is a concentrate in powder form. It does not contain additional impurities, flavor enhancers and is well suited for those who are on a low-carb diet, that is, want to lose a lot of weight. It is enough to consume 2 grams of the substance per day. It is diluted in liquid. Juice is used instead of water when anaerobic exercise requires more energy from carbohydrates.

The recommended amount of liquid for the preparation of a cocktail portion, if it is taken for the purpose of losing weight, should be 200 ml. The drink takes effect 40 minutes after ingestion and continues for another three hours. The daily dosage can be done in two steps, but you need to prepare the mixture fresh. After a couple of hours, it loses its properties.