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NO-Bomb is a complex nitrogen donor from MHP , which is based on an inorganic source of NO.

Manufacturer description

  • Provides phenomenal pumping
  • Boosts Workout Intensity & Improves Muscle Endurance
  • Stimulates the growth of muscle volume and strength
  • Speeds up the recovery processes many times over
  • Reduces the concentration of lactic acid during strenuous muscle work
  • Has a fat burning effect

The outstanding performance of the NO-Bomb additive is based on the synergistic action of two technologies: Glycocarn® and KNO3 Nitrite-NO. Glycocarn ( Glycine and L-Carnitine or GPLS) is a proprietary ingredient created by Sigma-tau Health Sciences. Glycocarn enhances blood flow, induces a powerful pumping effect, optimizes recovery processes, has a fat burning and energizing effect. It also has an antioxidant effect and works long after ingestion to help improve athletic performance.

Glycocarn, which is part of NO-Bomb, improves fat metabolism, thereby helping to control body weight and is an excellent energetic. Significantly improves the utilization of fatty acids in cells, maintaining a continuous process of formation and replenishment of ATP reserves in working muscles during training and in the process of recovery from stress. Glycocarn also maintains NO (nitric oxide) levels in the blood, thereby improving blood flow and optimizing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue.

To get the maximum training effect from foods that increase the level of nitric oxide, it is necessary to maintain its high level in the blood for a long time. To solve this problem, MHP technologists have created a special complex of Nitric Oxide-Sustaining Agents (NOSA).

NitroFolate is another metabolically active ingredient that allows all nitric oxide accelerators to be utilized to their full potential, resulting in phenomenal muscle growth. And if you include steroid in your intake, the weight gain effect will be very impressive!

AstaGuard is another active ingredient of NO-Bomb designed to enhance the synergistic effect, as well as speed up metabolism, increase fat burning and increase your energy potential. It also has a powerful antioxidant effect. AstaGuard affects lipid metabolism, allowing the body to more efficiently use fat as muscle fuel.

NO-Bomb composition:

  • GlycoCarn® ( glycine propionyl L-carnitine HCL) – 4,5 g
  • NitroFolate ( Folic Acid & Potassium Folinate) 600 mcg
  • KNO 3 Nitrite-NO Technology And NOSA ( beet extract vulgare, extract of grape seed (95% proanthocyanidins) ektrakt pine bark (85% proanthocyanidins) ektrakt root Butea Superba, licorice Ural, forsythia fruit extract hanging, AstaReal® (astaxanthin) and extract of schizonepeta multi-cut) – 273 mg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue.

Instructions for use:

Take 3-6 capsules 30-45 minutes before training. On rest days, NO-Bomb can be taken at bedtime or on an empty stomach during the day.

MHP NO-Bomb — купить NO-бустер недорого в Москве в интернет-магазине

Expert Assessment

One of the main technologies of NO-Bomb is GlycoCarn (the same as GPLC ). It is a mixture of glycine salt and L-carnitinewhich are designed to provide high energy levels, fat burning and pumping. I must say that these two substances are not related to each other in any way, while glycine does not affect the effects of other components and is actually useless. L-carnitine does have all of these effects, however, the fat burning effect will be no more than moderate, and the effect on energy and pumping is minimal. Thus, it can be assumed that GlycoCarn is just carnitine, which is diluted with a neutral component in order to add novelty to the product and confuse the buyer. Iron man recently published an article on GPLC, describing this mixture as a new nitrogen donor. As evidence, reference is made to the study ]However, if you look at the graphs, you can see that the level of nitric oxide increases by only 10% compared to the placebo group, which is not enough to get a good effect. At the same time, conventional arginine can increase the concentration of NO to a much greater extent.

NitroFolate is a mixture of folic acid and folate, which have the same effects (the same as vitamin B9) and it is not at all clear why the “Nitro” prefix is ​​added. The manufacturer explains this by the fact that folates are involved in the production of nitric oxide, but the additional intake of this vitamin does not lead to an acceleration of this process.

KNO 3 is perhaps the key component of the NO-Bomb. The main active principle of this mixture is the beet extract. It should be noted that beetroot juice has long been used to dilate blood vessels in order to lower blood pressure. The mechanism of action is explained by the presence of potassium nitrate, from which nitric oxide is synthesized in the body. Potassium nitrate has no advantages over classical nitrogen donors and does not justify the high cost of the supplement. The remaining components of the KNO 3 mixture (plant extracts) do not affect muscle growth. Possible slightly positive effect on recovery.

When evaluating the effectiveness and reviews of KNO3, the average rating ranges between “fair” and “good”. Most athletes report the effect, but few consider this supplement to be the best. Considering the high cost of the NO-Bomb, the overall rating can be “Satisfactory”


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