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“Make a body” is a hollow hoop weighing 2.0 kg, with a cross-sectional diameter of 7 cm, made of elastic material. Unlike bulky imported exercise equipment and other “hardware”, to which it is sometimes impossible to force oneself to approach, this is an elastic elastic hoop, which is simply pleasant to work with. The “Make a body” hoop is very easy to use and does not take up much space. The simulator can be twisted around the waist like a regular hoop, or you can perform various gymnastic exercises that develop grace, improve posture and general physical condition of the body.

The set of exercises for the “Make a body” simulator was developed by specialists of fitness centers on the basis of shaping programs, and even beginners can do it.

A set of belts is attached to the simulator, with the help of which 10 variants of the simulator are obtained

, on which you can perform more than 90 different kinds of exercises for almost all muscle groups. Moreover, exercises on the “Make a body” simulator are recommended by exercise therapy doctors to correct posture and recover from injuries, as well as as adaptation exercises for patients with cerebral palsy.

The “Make a body” exercise machine gives loads depending on the chosen position and shape, which can be changed with the help of belts, and is able to give the required effort to both a child and an adult strong man.

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The trainer is ideal for every family member.

Moms will be able to regain their former harmony and grace and get rid of the “problem” areas. After all, the daily rotation of the hoop for 15 – 20 minutes a day leads to a decrease in the waist to 12 cm in the first month of training

, and with health benefits, unlike diet pills. At the same time, most of the exercises are accompanied by massage, which has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and leads to a reduction in cellulite. Calories are burned, the cardiovascular system is trained, more oxygen enters the body.

Performing strength exercises on the simulator, dads will finally be able to get rid of the “beer” belly and pump up the muscles of the arms and legs. For men who go in for sports on a more professional level, the “Make a Body” simulator is perfect as a sports equipment that warms up all muscle groups for standard workouts in the gym.

Exercises for young people:

The “Make a body” exercise machine is recommended for elderly people, because after a month of training, back pain will weaken and blood pressure will decrease, flexibility and mobility of joints will remain, overall well-being and vitality will improve.

Exercises for mature age:

Well, for children, the “Make a Body” exercise machine is an interesting and useful toy that will not only direct the vital energy of your baby in the right direction, but will also help to acquire the correct posture (which is so important for schoolchildren!) And will ensure the child’s good physical development.

Exercises for children:

Thus, almost every family member can draw up an individual training program for themselves on the “Make a body” simulator, select the necessary load, and most importantly, do it when it is convenient for him!


straps, transparent case, instructions.

  • Diameter: 90 cm.
  • Weight: 2.5KG
  • Color: assorted.

Make a Body Exercise Machine – PERFECTION IS ENDLESS!

Made in Russia.

Today it is difficult to find a girl who at least once would not have tried to “make a waist” by rotating a hoop or hula-hoop. Inventors of the Make-a-Body Exercise Machine

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coupled the popular revolving hoop model with a conventional rubber band and achieved amazing sales results. This one has no age restrictions and is able to help both women and men. But is it really that effective?

Make a body

– This is a hoop made of a weighted flexible material, covered with a rather soft fabric upholstery. It can be rotated around the waist like a regular hula hoop. A good massage effect is achieved due to the weight of the hoop. This simulator is rather difficult to “unwind”, and therefore the muscles are used a little more than when rotating the “plastic brother”. The authors of the invention insist that this item is able to relieve us of almost a whole size of clothes in the waist in just 30 days, subject to daily activities.

However, if you want not only to lose weight at the waist, but also to reduce the volume of your hips, buttocks, tighten flaccid triceps or strengthen your back – “Make a body” can also help with this, because the hoop can be used as an expander

and do exercises with it for different parts of the body. The resistance here is adjusted by changing the angle of inclination of the expander.

Hoop make body

can be used for cardio (rotation at the waist) and for. The projectile comes with a disc with a video set of exercises for all large muscle groups. The hoop itself must be periodically pumped up, but this is not a problem either: in many large cities there are service centers for servicing the simulator.

Make a body

is undoubtedly a good expander. His resistance is enough to strengthen the muscles of a fairly experienced athlete, and even beginners will be comfortable with him. All exercises are pretty self-explanatory and well explained in the video

True, at the expander hoop

there are several disadvantages. First of all, the training program itself is somewhat unbalanced. On sale you can find complexes that say that you can do strength exercises every day. However, from the point of view of human physiology, this approach to training is a waste of time: overwork, non-recovering muscles can lead not to the long-awaited harmony, but to swelling and painful sensations.

Working with the hoop as an expander is in the traditional “power” manner. If you want to lose weight, do 3-4 sets of each exercise for at least 20 repetitions. If the goal is to “pump”, try to provide such resistance that the muscles become very tired already at 10-12 repetitions.

The second drawback is related to the lack of a normal load regulator. For example, for the muscles of the buttocks of most women, make the body weak, but for the arms and chest – quite the opposite. It takes a long time to “try on” the hoop in order to learn how to regulate the level of load due to the posture and without prejudice to the exercise technique.

Girl spinning a hoop in the park

But the rotation of such a heavy object at the waist can be quite painful and in some cases even traumatic. The kidneys, of course, cannot be beaten off by them, but bruises will “decorate” your body for at least a month.

According to the instructions, “Do it yourself” should be twisted for about 15 minutes, but practice proves that girls can withstand so much time either with a truly iron press, or with weighty fat deposits in the abdomen and waist.

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It turns out that all these self-torture is not at all worth the result obtained. Cardio load in this rotation mode is not enough for weight loss, and there is little sense from “massage” the waist: at first, however, a few centimeters may go away due to the “tightening” of the oblique, but after about a month of training, the effect will come to naught.

So swinging with the hoop is quite convenient, but the usual hula-hoop is better and safer to twist.

Have you managed to lose weight with the Make the Body expander hoop? Leave your feedback!

Hello dear readers of my blog! Today I will tell you about one more weight loss thing that I decided to buy and replenish my home gym – this is the Make a body simulator. In the spring, I decided to start preparing for the beach season.

First of all, I wanted to lose a couple of kilograms and pump up the abdominal muscles, for this I decided to go on a diet and add exercises with a hoop as physical activity.

Seeing this hoop, I could not pass by and ordered it, especially since the reviews about it were positive and the price was found acceptable.

In fact, it is not just a hoop, but a very real and very functional simulator for working out all muscle groups. I was very interested in this sports equipment, because practicing with it you can “kill several birds with one stone” and I hurried to buy it. Now for the details.

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