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Childhood and youth

Gillian Anderson was born on August 9, 1968 in a suburb of Chicago in a wealthy family. Her mother, Rosemary Anderson, was a computer analyst, and her father, Edward Anderson, was the owner of a film distribution company.

The future Hollywood star spent all her childhood traveling around the world, which was associated with the work and study of her father. First, the girl with her parents moved to Puerto Rico, then to London, and then to Grand Rapids (Michigan).

Gillian always recalls the years spent in England with nostalgia, but at the age of 11 she returned to the United States with her parents. Here the future star began attending a school for gifted children, where she managed to stand out for her extraordinary behavior.

Gillian Anderson in her youth The
actress does not hide her turbulent past. In high school, the girl got nostril piercings, experimented with hair color and was fond of punk music. From the prom, she ended up in the police station because she damaged the lock of the school front door. Later, the X-Files star will periodically show his photos taken in the rebellious 80s to Instagram subscribers.

The future movie star became interested in classical theatrical art during her school years and already at the age of 13 made her first successful steps in the acting field. Once in the theater circle and playing the role of Juliet, Gillian made an impression on her teacher, thanks to which she received an invitation to the Grand Rapids Civic Theater, followed by the Goodman Theater School, where Anderson took place as a full-fledged actress.

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Everyone enjoyed the game of the talented actress – both teachers and spectators, but the parents did not want to notice this and were categorically against the chosen professional direction of their daughter. Against this background, the situation in the family escalated to the limit, and Gillian packed her things, ran away from home, taking with her part of the parental savings.

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