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Club is the 1999 film that turned Brad Pitt into an action star. If before he was perceived more as a romantic actor (“Legends of the Autumn”, “Meet Joe Black”, “Interview with the Vampire”), then the role of Tyler Durden finally opened the way to blockbusters.

Preparing for filming at Fight Club demanded serious training from Brad Pitt – the main task was to dry the muscles and create the most embossed press. In addition, he was involved in boxing, taekwondo and wrestling. The training program and diet are in the material below.

Fight Club

“If you are reading this, then this warning is for you. Every word you read is meaningless – you are just wasting another piece of your life. Don’t you have anything else to do? Is your life so empty that you can’t even find what to do with your free time?

Have you read everything you wanted to read? Have you thought of everything you wanted to think about? Go outside immediately. Find yourself a person of the opposite sex. Stop making stupid purchases and end up masturbating.

Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove that you are alive. If you don’t take action, you will live your worthless life. I warned you. ”

Preparing for filming

Released more than 20 years ago, Fight Club became a film at the turn of the millennium – it was traditionally shot on film, with a minimum amount of computer graphics. The actors, on the other hand, took the preparation process as seriously as possible – Brad Pitt deliberately broke his tooth to match Tyler’s characte

The training itself for Fight Club began in 1998 and continued for several months. Four times a week, Brad Pitt did exercises with dumbbells and a barbell, twice a week – cardio. In addition, the actor followed a strict carbohydrate-free die

Brad Pitt – figure

>Brad Pitt - figure

Early photographs of Brad Pitt clearly indicate that he is a typical ectomorph prone to thinness. With a height of 182 cm, its weight was about 62-65 kg. The actor began his first strength training in 1991, preparing for the film “Thelma and Louise” – the main focus of the program was also on the creation of the press.

In the late nineties, at the age of 35, Brad Pitt weighed about 75 kg. At the same time, the preparation for “Fight Club”, although it did not change the body weight, but created a fit and relief figure – as a result of training, the actor gained muscle mass and reduced the amount of body fat to 8%.

 Brad Pitt

  • Date of birth: December 18, 1963
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight at the time of the role in the film

Training for the “Fight Club”

Brad Pitt - Fight Club Training

Brad Pitt’s training program was based on a four-day split. On Monday, work out the pectoral muscles, on Tuesday – the back, on Wednesday – the shoulders, on Thursday – the arms. Each exercise was performed in 3 approaches according to the drop-set technique, the break between sets was a few seconds, between exercises – 60-90 seconds.

In this case, a drop set meant a progressive increase in load from set to set (most often, the load decreases). The number of repetitions in the exercises was high (15-25 repetitions), while the emphasis was on technical and slowest execution.

Monday: chest

  • Push-ups from the floor – 3 × 25
  • Bench press lying – 25×75 kg, 15×90 kg, 8×100 kg
  • Seated bench press – 15×40 kg, 15×45 kg, 15×60 kg
  • Bench press on an incline bench – 15×40 kg, 15×45 kg, 15×60 kg
  • Reduction of hands in the simulator – 15×30 kg, 15×35 kg, 15×40 kg

Tuesday: back

  • Pull-ups – 3 sets of maximum
  • Seated pull of the block to the belt – 3×15 (30 kg, 45 kg, 60 kg)
  • Upper block pull – 3×15 (60 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg)
  • T-bar thrust – 3×15 (35 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg)

 Wednesday: shoulders

  • Seated dumbbell press – 3×15 (25 kg)
  • Breeding dumbbells to the sides – 3×15 (15 kg)
  • Lifting dumbbells in front of you – 3×15 (11 kg)

 Thursday: hands

  • Scott’s bench curls – 3×15 (27 kg, 36 kg, 45 kg)
  • Curls of arms on a block with an EZ bar – 3×15 (22 kg, 30 kg, 36 kg)
  • Lifting dumbbells “hammer” – 3×15 (13 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg)
  • Triceps bench push-ups – 3x 15 (30 kg, 40 kg, 45 kg)

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