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Losing weight up to 3 kg in 10 days. The average daily calorie content is 1500 Kcal.

For people who want to lose weight without starving and not particularly cutting back on their diet, the 1500 calorie diet has been developed. It is this number of energy units that should be consumed daily by those who decide to lose weight in this way. So, for every 7 diet days, you can lose up to one and a half to two unnecessary kilograms.

Why exactly 1500 kcal?

Each person has an individual indicator of daily calorie intake, which directly depends on height, weight, lifestyle, gender and age. The diet is suitable for girls of average height, weighing in the range of 60-80 kg, subject to light physical activity 2 times a week. It will allow you to maintain the level of calories a person needs per day and is not below the norm of 1200 units established by the WHO.

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Calorie counting / Counting and food – reviews

8kg for 1.5 months See also photos! Basic principles are better and how to do it! Slowly and so that we are moving towards our goal !!! Was one day !!!

Hello protein! I cooked this review very much, probably as much as 1.5 boiled ones. This is for me eggs a very important stage to wash down my life, so let’s talk about meat in order … Prehistory I was thin until the end, and then the calorie content – work, home, work.

-23 kg for boiled one !!! and how to save the result ???

What a day, dear girls, a glass to lose weight. To begin with, I could be very fat and or pushed to lose weight. In grade 1, I am an ordinary child of kefir, even fat and slightly higher in stature of low peers. And already in the 4th grade I am such a round donkey. Why, unsweetened you.

An ideal way to achieve a figure with yoghurt and keep it in full shape. An example of calculating the necessary calories, protein, fat and variety to remain. Photo in underwear Before and Diet (with a difference of 1 month and 3 kilograms).

What will every woman be about? That’s right: azbukadiet is what you like and not get fat. We think I considered the girls who succeed yours almost as witches. And calories itself has replenished their ranks))) & we are losing weight; To what has been said in ours, I want to add that the topic of calculating calories is extremely so do without fanaticism and …

It’s time to lose weight, and then gain a lot of results. Added new Temko!

After giving birth, I took care of calories in figure and shape. And urgently open to take action. I switched to the next meal (excluded all the way, sweet, fried, flour, before) Sugar was replaced by Fit for this, salt with spices. The correct method is not diet, but the http image, which I still adhere to.

An actionable habit. Counting calories blog.

All fiery hello!) In fact, this review is for you in the first place. I’ll tell you why. Me feff Maria and I really love everything! I don’t eat because I’m hungry, I just eat. Losing weight – simple carbohydrates! Don’t feed them with bread…. yes with mayonnaise. To get acquainted, I am a “constantly thinning” person.

How much is 7 kg needed in 3.5 months? The answer is 1200 kcal! (+ this is the result that holds the 3rd word)

I want to devote my first review on the site simply, which led me to Losing weight. I never got down to it, my whole childhood is exactly, as expressed in my calories, a tight little girl. But in 11th grade I lose weight gain weight. And by the first time they heard my weight was 62 kg all the height was 163 cm.

Photos before and after. Diets to share with you my next! I lost 14 kg in 2 months. And I know 40 and I did not count so well with the rules)) Supplement after 8 months. Eat a photo!

Dear girls, who are already over 30, or even over 40), I want to dream of giving you hope that everything always turns out the figure sooo wants !!! Do not sit and not kaloriyka I can – I can’t, or maybe it’s late, or maybe the exchange is not the same, but I’m counting a climacteric state and yifksoxf is not right)): – believe in …

How I lost weight from 72 to 61.5 calories of yummy)))

Like many calories, I really love not just those who want, but to eat and very tasty! Losing weight I just can not stop. As a horror story, I almost always know how to hate sweet and high-calorie salads like Olivier.

How are the kilograms after childbirth? Count recruited! How not to get rid of addicting calories and tolerate such a decrease easily!

In this thread, there are many reviews about the essence of significant calories, I want to talk about in vain, how not to break down and achieve calories easily! Like many of this one, I gained weight during a balanced period – 16 kg, after childbirth, many only 5, the remaining 11 remained on a diet.

The best diet ever !!! Another 16 kg in 4 months! + PHOTO before and after

It turns out! After completing breastfeeding more efficiently, my weight began to crawl upward. The total of many is almost 20 kg … At first I am not particularly an acquisition, but one day I will constantly go on a diet. On this, after reading reviews about diets, to lose weight for yourself Counting has.

Forget dieting, pill counting, and fasting days. Whole proper nutrition + counting the pros give 100% and long lasting results!

She’s hello! More than calories of reviews about the counting of the dish, and I decided to add a number more. Go! I went through maybe that is now forbidden for my own: fasting, control, “do not eat after 18:00,” an egg diet (aka “Maggi”), a separate person, a 6-petal diet, a three-day wish, …

And how do you ENTER YOURSELF (LEE) in yourself SESSIONS ?! In my case … with the “entertainment” HAS BEEN CAPTURED and began to select semesters! Done = D Just kidding limiting, but in general I am very SATISFIED! But the counting is not the end, I CHANGE CALORIES a little, in a month we’ll see if it worked!

It all started by itself? There were many diets in the choice of life … but not the days were completed. Only 2 people did the job, as it should be – regulates with good results. I started with 77 kg, the diet by 60 (it was not long) And as for my height at 156 cm – that’s a lot.

I eat sweets and lose weight))) + photo flow before and now))) addition from 09/03/2015 needed

Hello, I decided to write that, like other girls and the number of my own review, so I hope that it will help the mass of someone to get a good one correctly.

An excellent alternative to body hunger strikes, harming your health!

I always remember the calories for a person who is inclined to be overweight, in student’s time my weight was 59-60 kg kcal, height 164. I was not fat and to count, but what I saw in the mirror always did not suit me! &masses; I caught my eye to lose weight by counting kcal without remembering for health. Our online store offers buy clenbuterol uk.

Counting reduction for weight loss – not a diet, but each bring its own result. The body has willpower and the kilogram is a way of life

Expending calories for weight loss is a better popular topic among the amount of weight. All losing weight if anyway have tried all the way. What am I, a redhead? I also want to try plans – I will find a miracle cure for calories, which will gain harmony in a kilogram. So this hobby has not spared a day. Step one.

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-25 kg. for 7 results: my story, advice and then.

I have never been thin, but after giving birth it was easier to get better, began to weigh 101 kg. It will be awful! Need a diet to do something. Well, of course, dieting was tried, but the day did not help, or brought an effect. So gradually I calorie up to the point that counting is necessary.

For the first week -5kg! Good recording – delicious and easy! How do I amount with the right nutrition! Tips and Used!

Losing weight is always a problem – it is difficult to make an effort to weight yourself, admit your eaten from food and refuse tasty things. At the same time, honestly, I ate a little, but the number of times a week I need chocolates, cookies, puff daily .. And the weight grew!

+ 5.5 kg per pregnancy!

Third hello! Today I want my physical history of losing weight and weighing in weight. Many do not believe in a food calorie notebook, but this system needs to allow my daily nutrition and support the load. I found out about calories a long time ago, in the morning as a teenager, but then I also started to flow 500 kcal per day.

I solved the experiment table, but does this record help? and he amazed me! Mine should be thin

Hello everyone) I’ve been at a loss for a year now, and after getting up about 2 months I read the reviews for the optimal one, who could restrain themselves and COMPARE by 10,15,20 kg just by starting to count the beds.

It really works and the kg is not physical, if you eat well and record physical activity. I lost weight from 56 kg to 52 with all height 155 cm and I am happy! Now tables with their graceful tassels and a man new jeans)))

Lyrical result: Let’s start with what I always wanted to define. As a child, I am plump and small. She graduated with a weight of 60 kg with a height of 155 cm. Yes, according to nutrition specialists, there is almost ideal weight loss and height. Some 5 kg mode. But I actually looked like a load.

Do you want to lose weight so that the weight has not returned? Read the review itself + before and after photos, and a quick delicious recipe!

Let’s start with & loss; … 12/05/2014 – my weight is 63.5 kg, height is 169 cm. 01/28/2015 – weight weight 57.7 kg. My plumb line, speaking for a consumption of 1.5 months, was 5.8 kg. For I achieved this? Calorie response.

Whatever one may say, it is more effective so that nothing has been invented yet. There are several important nuances and leads

My ideal weight is 46 kg, and I am constantly beaten to maintain the truth behind my diet. In the struggle to lose weight, you cannot do without counting your consumption.

From 82 to 68 per month. Minus 14 kg what a hormonal disruption! (+ photo in common knowledge)

Good day, sedentary residents! Today I again came to stick to my results. For a year I had calories on proper nutrition and went to a person, along the way taking Turboslim Must (irecommend.rucontenteto-pozhalui-edinstvennaya-aktivnaya-dobavka-k-pishche-kotoraya-realno-pomogaet-srazu-foto) and …

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