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In this article, we will try to highlight a relevant topic – industrial whey protein , which is used for the production of sports nutrition , is of high quality and low cost (almost 2-3 times cheaper than commonly available protein concentrates).

As a reference, it is worth noting that almost all of the protein on the shelves of sports nutrition stores is made from this food raw material (the raw protein in question). In cheap raw protein, flavors, dyes, preservatives, fillers and other substances are not added that do not affect the effectiveness of the product, but are added to the store, packaged in cans and it goes to store shelves at a price 2-3 times higher, with the same quality.

This topic may be of interest to those people who do not want to pay for taste, beautiful packaging and advertising.

Is this an advertisement?

In connection with the received complaint from the reader, we make comments: this article does not contain advertising. Milei, Hilmar and others listed are the largest food manufacturers in the world that do not need hidden advertising, it’s like promoting the Coca-Cola company on your contact page. In addition, these manufacturers do not even have official distributors in Russia, in other words, they do not supply their products to our country. You can help the project by adding product descriptions from other manufacturers.


Whey concentrate is Lacprodan® . The largest concern with factories around the world: Denmark, Argentina, Switzerland, Norway.
ARLA also produces whey isolates , and unlike other manufacturers, hydrolysates . Hydrolyzate – partially “decomposed” (by hydrolysis) into its constituents whey protein. The most technologically complex whey protein product , and the most expensive – several times more expensive than concentrates. The advantage of the hydrolyzate is its absorption rate. The assimilation time depends on the degree of hydrolysis, in ARLA products it ranges from 6-10% to 30%.
Taste reviews for Lacprodan® raw concentrate are predominantly favorable.
ARLA products are packed in 15 and 20 kg bags.
Concern website


Hochdorf Whey Protein

Factory: Hochdorf (Switzerland)

Product: Ledor 80

Factory website

Swiss Whey Protein Concentrate 80% The sweetest of all, with almost 9% lactose content

Chemical properties per 100 gr. Protein – 76.5-86.3% Water (102 ° C) – max. 5.0% Fat – max. 6.39% Carbohydrates (lactose) – max. 9.81%

Color: white cream

Smell: milky

Taste: milky sweet

One of the most popular factories in Switzerland, the plant is owned by German shareholders. The price for a factory bag is around 10.5 euros per 1kg. The main focus of the plant is healthy food. Founded in 1895. The product is of very high quality and stable in protein content, like the well-known Swiss banks.

Hochdorf imposes high quality standards on its products, production process control, reliable packaging processes, as well as storage conditions and delivery times to fully meet customer needs. In addition, Hochdorf adheres to strict environmental regulations regarding production, packaging, energy consumption and disposal methods.

The proof of this is the ISO 9001/14001 certificate.

The high quality of Hochdorf products is confirmed by:

DIN ISO 9001/14001 Milk Hygiene Regulation (HACCP)

Quality control for suppliers of ingredients for animal feed (QC-PDV) QS, a control system on all steps of food processing including the raw materials.

Milei 80

Протеин Syntrax Matrix 5.0 (5 lbs) - Strawberry Cream — купить в интернет-магазине ОНЛАЙН ТРЕЙД.РУ

Milei 80 Whey Protein

Product Milei 80 – natural water-soluble concentrate of whey proteins, produced on the basis of fresh whey during the drying air flow. It is a high quality dietary protein product with many functional properties: water binding, emulsification, viscosity, gel formation. Due to the varied combination of protein fractions, Milei whey can be used in baby and dietetic food, in the dairy industry, in the production of gourmet foods, confectionery and bakery products, in meat products.


MILEI has been working with dairy products for over 30 years, focusing on various nutritional, organoleptic and functional properties, with an ever increasing demand in various areas of the food industry.

MILEI imposes high quality standards on its products, production process control, reliable packaging processes, as well as storage conditions and delivery times to fully meet consumer needs. In addition, MILEI adheres to strict environmental regulations regarding production, packaging, energy consumption and disposal methods. The proof of this is the ISO 9001/14001 certificate.

The high quality of MILEI products is confirmed by:

  • DIN ISO 9001/14001
  • Milk Hygiene Regulation (HACCP)
  • Quality control for suppliers of ingredients for animal feed (QC-PDV)
  • QS, a control system on all steps of food processing including the raw materials.

Protein Milei 80 

Comparison of Milei, Lactomin and Hilmar

Product composition per 100 g

  • protein – 80%
  • Lactose – 5%
  • Fat – 5%
  • Minerals – 3%
  • Water – 5%
  • pH – 6.3

Hilmar 8000 (9410)

Whey Protein Hilmar 8000

Hilmar 8000 and 9410 (the numbers indicate the percentage of protein in the mixture 80 and 94%, respectively) is another cheap ultrafiltered whey protein from the American company Hilmar, which is used in more than 150 food products (drinks, foods, baby food, sports supplements, etc. .). The most modern technologies are used in the production of this product.

Hilmar products have earned a high worldwide reputation for exceptional quality products that meet the most stringent industry standards. The company received the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate. All Hilmar products are safe for health, so they are actively used even for the production of baby food.

Protein Hilmar 8000 

Product composition per 100 g

  • Protein – 78%
  • Lactose – 5%
  • Fat – 5%
  • Minerals – 3%
  • Water – 4.5%

Lactomin 80

КАК ПИТЬ ПРОТЕИН — как принимать протеин для похудения и для набора массы, когда пить —
Lactomin 80

Lactomin 80 is a whey protein concentrate (80% pure protein) from the largest German manufacturer LACTOPROT Deutschland GmbH. In many ways, Lactomin is similar to Milei, with a high lactose content, which makes it taste slightly sweet. This product is used in dairy, confectionery, bakery products. It is used as a raw material for the production of sports nutrition. It dissolves well in water. Read more: Lactomin

Lactomin 80 is packed in 15 and 20 kg bags. In Russia, Lactomin 80 is officially supplied only in 20 kg bags, but there is an import of 15 kg bags through intermediary firms.

LACTOPROT Deutschland GmbH also produces proteins:

Whey Protein Concentrate:

  • Lactonat EN (Sodium Caseinate, extruded)
  • Lactonat EC (Calcium Caseinate, extruded)
  • Lactonat EP (Potassium Caseinate, extruded)
  • Lactonat HV (Sodium Caseinate, high viscosity)
  • PROTEVIT (Caseinate, attrition-dried)
  • Rovita FN 5 U / Rovita FN 5 S (Sodium Caseinate, roller-dried)
  • Plasvita / Plasvita U (Calcium Caseinate, roller-dried)
  • Plasvita E (Calcium Caseinate, roller-dried, improved dispersibility)
  • Rowi K / Rowi K 20 (Potassium Caseinate, roller-dried)


  • Acid casein
  • Rennet casein



Meggle is a privately owned dairy factory founded in 1887 in Germany, exporting dairy products to many countries around the world. In the network you can find whey protein from Meggle (80%), less often milk mixture (whey + casein).

The firm’s activities are divided into three main parts:

  • Dairy products for the final consumer
  • Food ingredients for production
  • Lactose for the pharmaceutical industry

The most common Meggle products in Russia are butter, yoghurts and baby food.

Textrion PROGEL 800 

Whey protein Textrion PROGEL 800

Factory: DMV International Frisland Campina (Holland)

Product: Textrion PROGEL 800

Factory website

Chemical properties per 100 gr. Protein – 80% Water (102 ° C) – max.5.0% Fat – max.4.8% Carbohydrates (lactose) – max.6.5%

Color: white cream

Smell: milky

Taste: milky salty

The manufacturer is DMV International, a large organization based in the Netherlands. Produces whey protein, caseins and many other food components.

Textrion PROGEL 800 is a whey protein concentrate for use in the food and dairy industry.

According to the manufacturer, the product has exceptional quality characteristics that allow it to be used in a wide variety of food products. It is ideal for increasing the viscosity of beverages and for creating the shape and consistency of solid foods.

Textrion PROGEL 800 is added to bakery, meat, dairy and other food products.

It is also worth noting that Textrion Progel 800 is made from acid whey and has a better amino acid composition than post-cheese whey proteins3Currently, in Russia, the raw protein Textrion PROGEL 800 for retail distribution is extremely rare.

Packed in 25 kg bags.

The brand is very well known in Russia under the name Campina in grocery stores, yoghurts, curds, milk and other food products.

Shchuchinsky KSB

Shchuchin whey protein concentrate 80 – 15 kg
Shchuchin whey protein concentrate 80 in packs of 0.4 and 1 kg.

Plant: JSC “Shchuchinsky MSZ” (Belarus)

Product: KSB80UF

Factory website:

Chemical properties per 100 gr. Protein – 80% Water (102 ° C) – max. 5.0% Fat – max. 10% Carbohydrates (lactose) – max. 2%

Color: yellowish

Smell: milky

Taste: milky neutral

In 2009, JSC Shchuchinskiy MSZ mastered the production of whey protein concentrate with a mass fraction of 80%. The bacteriological content of the product does not exceed 10 thousand KOE / cm3.

On the negative side, the following composition is very grainy, unlike all European proteins, which indicates poorer digestibility. The color, unlike all European proteins, is very yellow, which indicates a high fat content. Underweight in factory bags 100-400g.

Whey protein concentrate is produced by drying whey concentrate obtained by ultrafiltration. The concentrate is packed in 15 kg paper bags with liner bags, stored at a temperature from 0 to 25 C and a relative humidity of no more than 85%. The shelf life of the concentrate under the specified storage conditions is 413 days from the date of manufacture.

The retail price for Shchuchin protein is 7,500 rubles per 15 kilograms (one bag).

Protein quality is also confirmed by international ISO certificates

Almost all sports nutrition firms that are produced in Russia use this particular protein.

The low price is due to the fact that Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan have a free trade zone, and such taxes are not paid as on imports from other countries.

But if the prices for the euro were equal to the ruble, then the price of the Belarusian KSB would not be so low and perhaps even lose to European factories in price.

Buchatskiy KSB70

Also recently started production of whey protein concentrate and Buchatsky cheese factory (Ukraine). Protein concentrate with a mass fraction of 70%.

Energy value (caloric content) 100 g of product: 383.5 kcal. Nutritional value of 100 g of product: fats – 3.5 g, proteins – 70 g, carbohydrates – 18 g. The concentrate is supplied in dense paper bags with cellophane liners of 7 kg and 8 kg, at a price of $ 80 per 8 kg (retail price of Buchatsky KSB as of 01.06.2014)

The shelf life of the concentrate is 8 months from the date of manufacture at a temperature from 0 to 18 degrees, and a relative humidity of not more than 80%.

Bodybuilding Applications

These products are not yet available in sports nutrition stores, but raw, cheap protein is starting to be actively sold by individuals. It is obvious that in the near future it will become more popular due to the constant rise in prices for protein concentrates. Raw protein is a smart way to save money for people who aren’t willing to pay for packaging and flavor.

This product is used in the same way as standard protein . To enhance the taste, you can make your own cocktails using fruits, sugar, milk and other ingredients.

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  • Promilk Kappa 85% / manufacturer Ingredia, France / is a milk protein isolate obtained from high quality skim milk. The total amount of protein is 85.5%, of which 92% is mycelial CASEIN, which is rich in KAPPA fractions. They are responsible for rennet coagulation, clot density, processing time, water holding capacity, yield and quality of the finished product.
  • Whey Concentrate 80% Lactalis – Prolacta 80 (Whey Isolate 95% Lactalis – Prolacta 95 (France)) / “Lactalis” is an international French private dairy concern, founded in 1933 by the Bénier family. The headquarters is located in France in the city of Laval. It is present in 148 countries of the world, it is the world’s third largest dairy producer and the leader in the production of cheese in Europe. Owns 127 factories around the world, including 69 in France. In 2008, Lactalis dairies processed more than 9.35 billion liters of milk.
  • Murray Goulburn Micellar Casein – MPC 85 (Australia)

Producer: Murray Goulburn (Australia)

Composition: 80% Micellar casein 20% Whey protein / Micellar casein is a form of casein that is produced from milk by gentle micro-, ultra-filtration methods without the use of acids and heating, which allows you to preserve the natural structure of the protein. Otherwise, regular casein (calcium caseinate) is partially denatured. Slowest form of protein. Micellar casein entering the digestive tract is aggregated into the so-called micelles, thus the access area of ​​digestive enzymes is limited, consequently the duration of digestion increases. As can be seen in the figure, a micelle is a conglomerate of casein molecules, the charged parts of which are directed outward, since they are hydrophilic, and the uncharged (hydrophobic) ones inward. Micellar casein has a high percentage of positive reviews, as most of the innovative products generate strong interest from athletes. Also, according to reviews, it rarely causes digestive upset Differs in better taste and solubility Not sticky, which is its hallmark Gentle cleaning and preservation of all nutrients, in contrast to sodium and calcium caseinate, which are also called Casein and with 90% protein content.

Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Limited (Devondale Murray Goulburn) an agricultural cooperative formed in 1950 from 14 dairy farms, which has grown to become the largest milk processor in Australia and the largest exporter in the country. Murray Goulburn accounts for about 9% of the global dairy market. The company has over 2,500 suppliers (mostly farmers) who are also its shareholders. Devondale Murray Goulburn also maintains

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