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How to pump muscles correctly?

In order to build up, you don’t need to spend several hours in the gym every day. Two to three forty-minute workouts a week will be enough. The main thing is to give all your best at every workout 100%.

How do you know if your workouts are effective? If the weights in the main exercises have not increased for six months, the effectiveness is 40%. If you do not do basic exercises – 20%. Well, if you don’t even know what basic exercises are – only 5%.

Bodybuilding: basic exercises

All exercises can be divided into two large groups – involving several muscles in the work or including only one (isolating). For beginners, those are recommended that include several muscle groups at the same time.

The five basic exercises listed below work almost all the muscles in the body at the same time. In addition, such exercises affect the production of the most important muscle growth hormones – testosterone and growth hormone.

  • Squats
  • Bench press
  • Bench press standing
  • Deadlift on straight legs
  • Bent-over barbell row

How many sets and reps?

The number of repetitions depends on the weight of the barbell – believe me, it is quite difficult to sit down 20 times with a barbell weighing 90 kg. The basic program involves 2 warm-up sets and 3 working sets of 5-7 repetitions in each approach. The main rule is maximum weights.

Important notes: a warm-up is required before training, the first 3 sets are performed with a weight of 30-50% of the working one, and the progress of the weight must be recorded in the training diary.

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How often should you exercise?

To be honest, the frequency of training depends only on the rate of recovery of the body. If after two days you feel that you have the strength to do it, do it. But remember that more often than not, beginners need at least 60 hours to recover.

When it comes to recovery, it’s important to mention overtraining – you don’t have to literally “drive” yourself into the gym. If you want to build muscle, swimming and other activities, it is better to postpone it for later, otherwise you simply burn strength.

How do you eat for muscle growth?

The first rule of muscle growth is you should never be hungry! First, determine how many calories you should consume per day, then calculate the protein norm, as well as how much protein you get from food.

Once you understand how much extra protein you need, move on to protein blends. In addition, they can be used as a light snack, which is especially important during the working day.


The Basic Mass Training Program is one of the best programs for fast muscle growth. It is based on key exercises that involve all the muscles in the body, as well as affect the production of hormones.

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